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    My name is Bill, and I'm the owner and artisan of District Leather.  You may see "we" all over the place, but at present, District Leather is my one man show, and I'm incredibly proud to be able to share it with you.  

    I started District Leather in 2015, based out of Atlanta, GA where my family and I have lived for several years.  I'm originally from Washington, DC, and the District Leather name and logo are both homages to that amazing city. 

    I had reservations for a long time about presenting myself as the face of the brand, but I came to realize how important transparency can be when it comes to things that are so dearly personal such as leather goods.  Several times a day, thousands of times a year, hundreds of thousands of times in a lifetime, we interact with leather and leather products.  So, it's reasonable that it should matter to you where that leather comes from and who crafted the items that you use and love so much.  

    My passion for leathercraft stems from my artistic nature (I'm also a four-instrument musician), my passion for problem solving, my relentless perfectionism, and my overall appreciation for handcrafted anything.  As such, I drafted this credo (contains "we" for the day District Leather is more than one person) to convey the expectations to which you and I can both hold District Leather accountable:

    District Leather is passionate about creating leather goods of supreme craftsmanship and the best materials.  We are tirelessly attentive to detail, and we strive to dream up designs that are the perfect blend of form and function.

    For the majority of District Leather's products, I am proud to feature leather from the world famous , Horween Leather Company in Chicago, IL.  I've had the privilege of visiting Horween's facility multiple times, and the opportunity to begin the foundation of a strong relationship between our two brands.  There are many exciting things to come in the future between Horween and District Leather. 

    Whether you're an old customer, a new customer, an avid social media follower, or someone just poking around the website, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my dream to craft innovative, attractive and lifelong products for people all over the world.  

    All the best,